Although Matrix V9 is not ported to Rhino 6 yet, save money on the upgrade by purchasing now at the promotional price until 15th May 2018.  Customers who purchase the Rhino 6 upgrade will be able to use both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 until Matrix is ported to Rhino 6.

Rhino 6 upgrade – if purchased before May 15th 2018: £300

Rhino 6 upgrade – if purchased after May 15th 2018:  £395


Reasons to buy the Rhino 6 upgrade?

To take advantage of the promotion pricing which ends May 15th

To take advantage of the new tools in Rhino 6 in stand alone mode


Email or call 0113 389 9710 to find out more, or enquire about upgrading to Rhino 6



Please note the important information below

Upon purchasing the upgrade, the customer will have the ability to run Rhino 6 on the same computer as the Matrix/Rhino 5 license.  However, it has been seen that Rhino 6 causes V-Ray to fail to run inside Matrix.  The fix for this seems to be reinstalling Matrix after Rhino 6 is installed.  Testing is still taking place to see if any other issues arise.