Micro Plus cDLM

The latest ‘breakthrough’ technology in 3D printing

Rings can be designed, grown and ready for casting the same day

Easy to use software with built-in touchscreen

Precision engineered in Germany for over 15 years

EnvisionTEC’s patented new breakthrough technology, Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing, allows jewellers to 3D print models for direct investment casting in minutes rather than hours. The Micro Plus cDLM relies on continuous motion of the build plate in the Z direction to provide exceptionally fast builds and breathtaking resolution for castable models in EnvisionTEC’s industry standard casting material, PIC 100.

The Micro Plus cDLM will also print even faster in QView, a design verification material, for fit and design models ready to show to a customer in minutes. Time is money, and with average build speeds ranging between 10 and 20 minutes per inch in Z for the full envelope, the results will allow bridal and fashion rings to be designed, grown, and ready for investment casting the same day.