PCA 2000

• Unique system of both 405m and 385nm UV LEDs

• 360° irradiation and controlled heating

• Microprocessor-controlled touchscreen interface and intuitive software

The PCA 2000 Parts Curing Apparatus is the ideal solution for post-curing parts that have been 3D printed using cDLM or DLP technologies. The PCA 2000 utilises a unique system of UV LED light sources that use both 385nm to deep cure and 405nm for the perfect surface cure of each part. The PCA 2000 has a microprocessor-controlled touchscreen interface and intuitive software that allows you to control every aspect of the post-processing of your resin objects.

With 360 irradiation and controlled heating, the PCA 2000 can optimise your productivity, offering three settings. Two settings are for standard use to finalise small and large jobs, and a third called Custom allows you to create a customised programme for curing your resin. Up to seven personalised custom settings can be stored for ease of use. All three programmes use the controlled emission of several very powerful 405m and 385nm UV LEDs and the accelerating effect of heat, thanks to the thermoregulation system.