Bespoke jewellery has never been so easy

CounterSketch is a fully interactive 3D CAD design library allowing you full control to perform real-time 3D CAD changes, create beautiful presentation renders and fully price your design. CounterSketch brings a new level of custom design capability right to your showroom floor, combining award-winning software from Gemvision with flexible manufacturing options. You can now send the design to Stuller for fast and dependable manufacturing or directly export a 3D CAD/CAM file and cast it as you wish.

Gemvision CounterSketch

Easy to use, CounterSketch 3D CAD design package provides you with an additional shop window both in-store and on-line, without the burden of holding additional stock. Supported by global jewellery manufacturer Stuller your designs will be delivered in around 3 weeks, hallmarked ready to wear. And of course, you remain in control with the option to select gems from Stuller’s inventory or you may wish to use gems owned by you or your client.


Perfect for jewellers who want:

– A live client design experience with computer aided design  

– Control of your bespoke designs  

– Professional photo-realistic renders for marketing  

– 1,000’s of unique designs to populate your web site  

– Easy to use program all your team can use

Stage 1: Digital inventory

Browse the live library of over 1,000 interactive designs with easy to see design folders

Stage 2: Customise

Perform real-time 3D changes to the design alongside your customer. Turn a design they like in to a design they love. Tailor to price points. Use clients gems, your own or browse the live in-stock inventory. Accurate retail pricing with you controlling margins.

Stage 3: Order

Submit your bespoke design for manufacturing. Manufactured in-house by a dedicated team of highly skilled goldsmiths at Stuller, a global jewellery manufacturing business with over 30,000 independent jewellers as clients, when ready, your design will be sent direct to a UK Assay office for next day delivery. You will also have direct access to their in-stock list of diamond and gem stones in addition to over 200,000 items of jewellery. Or click the download link and process the cad file yourselves then you can choose who and where to have the model fulfilled.

Stage 4: Client Presentation

Presenting an item of jewellery that your client helped design is a special moment in their lives and with the renders you presented during the design stage they will always be amazed by the realisation of their dream design. As Matt Stuller says:‘’be a hero in their eyes’’

Designed in CounterSketch

Excite your clients with live changes by creating something amazing right in front of their eyes. Personalise each unique design and with live pricing you are closer in closing that sale.

CounterSketch videos

A selection of videos is provided to CounterSketch account holders for your own web and in-store use, an in-store HD screen helps promote the concept of bespoke jewellery design and makes an ideal design platform.

Freehand mode

New Freehand mode opens up your designing ability, with a component parts library you can select individual design parts, scale and bend to suit your design. Import other STL or 3DM files and really take CounterSketch Studio way beyond what has ever been possible.

3C Collection

Choose, Change and Create brings opportunity to buy a standard design off the shelf to keep costs in line with normally available stock lines, make small changes, i.e. round gem to pear-shape or totally bespoke your design using the original model as a starting point.

Polar Array

Taking a single design component you can now array this part around your model, select spacing, angles and scale. This works really well for wedding bands.

Grouping Freehand Parts

With some parts you will want to grade and scale to suit the design, turn a part or group them to react together, you can mow do this in the latest version on CounterSketch Studio.

CounterSketch News

Gemvision software offer
Gemvision software offer

10% saving off full purchase of Gemvision’s CounterSketch 3D CAD software – offer expires 31st August Email or call 0113 389 9710 to find out more....

Countersketch updates
Countersketch updates

Watch our video below to see the latest updates to CounterSketch. Updates include; customising the start screen, redesigned showcase and freehand improvements. For more information contact GVUK Design on 0113 389 9710 or email   [video...

CounterSketch in action

See how easy it is to design beautiful jewellery in CounterSketch with these short videos

CounterSketch full demo

Showroom video of CounterSketch in action, 9 min 30 sec.

CounterSketch short demo

Showroom and on-line CounterSketch short demo in action, 1 min 9 seconds.

HRH endless possibilities

Our tribute to the many 3-stone engagement ring options similar to HRH Prince Harry’s engagement ring to Meghan Markel.

Sapphire pendant

Using component parts from the freehand section of CounterSketch see how jewellery designer Julie Peel designed this sapphire pendant using the clients gemstone.

Marquis ring

Another beautiful design by jewellery designer Julie Peel, created in CounterSketch from the freehand section.

Filigree ring

Stunning design by jewellery designer Julie Peel and yet so simple to create in CounterSketch.