Its time to upgrade – Offer ends soon!

Jun 12, 2018

As you know, technology is constantly changing and we have reached a time where we cannot extend support for older versions of Matrix. Our product policy has always been to support the current version of Matrix and one previous version. Currently, we support Matrix 9 and Matrix 8 only.

If you have a license of Matrix version 7.5 or earlier you will need to upgrade it to Matrix 9 by June 30th, 2018. After30th August, 2018 all Matrix versions 7.5 or earlier will no longer be eligible for an upgrade. It will require a new purchase of Matrix 9.

We don’t want you to pay more…..We want you to upgrade now and take advantage of our special price of a savings of $600 or more and three free months of Gemvision Online Training Academy!

A license of obsolete software can be hazardous to your business.  Never mind, then, that you’re missing out on the latest functionalities that new software has to offer. Have you considered the following risks to your business?

  • A failed hard-drive?
  • Debilitating malware, virus, or other disastrous events?
  • Outdated operating systems that are no longer supported?

It is important that you understand Gemvision no longer supports any Matrix version older than v8. If your business relies on Matrix software, we want you to understand the risks of running on obsolete versions. We want you to be PRODUCTIVE & PROTECTED, and this is why we are reaching out to you today with this special upgrade offer.

Don’t miss out, upgrade before 30th August 2018

Price savings of £100-£750 plus free, 3-months of Gemvision on-line training academy

Upgrading from Matrix 8 – 9: £595 (Normally  £695)

Upgrading from Matrix 7.5 – 9: £745 (Normally £1,495) – Rhino 5 required

Upgrading from Matrix 6 – 9: £975 (Normally £1,495) – Rhino 5 required

Upgrade from Rhino 4 – 5: £395

Upgrade  from Rhino 5 – 6: £300 (Normally £395)

Prices are plus VAT

Email or call 0113 389 9710 to find out more, or enquire about upgrading to Matrix 9