Important Update: MatrixGold

Dec 18, 2020

Purchase MatrixGold today and it will include Rhino 7, until the integration of MatrixGold and Rhino 7 you will be able to download a legacy Rhino version 6. This rollout is scheduled for June 2021 and details will be sent nearer the time. For now, you can use either but not both at the same time. Remember if you save a model in Rhino 7 and want to open it in Rhino 5 or 6 you just have to save it in that format from the dropdown option.

We are expecting a charge to be made to upgrade to the next version of MatrixGold but nothing has been agreed yet.

If you have MatrixGold with Rhino 6 you can now purchase Rhino 7 and enjoy the early-bird saving, currently this is £300 but after 10th March 2021 the cost to upgrade will be £450. All plus vat.

You can upgrade your Matrix and RhinoGold in two ways:

– Trade-in your old copy with a 6-month crossover allowing you to use both during that time. You will also get 6-months access to the on-line training academy with 24/7 access for free.

– Upgrading from Matrix 7 or 8  including Rhino 7: £3,250
– Upgrading from Matrix 9: £2,640
– Upgrading RhinoGold V5 including Rhino 7: £4,725
– Upgrading RhinoGold V6 including Rhino 7: £3,540
– Upgrading RhinoGold V6.6 Basic including Rhino 7: £4,425
– Upgrading RhinoGold V6.6 Pro including Rhino 7: £3,085

Reduction available if you already have Rhino 7

Buy MatrixGold with a loyalty discount and keep your existing copy of Matrix or Rhinogold, this deal is also available to those who have CounterSketch.

Loyalty price with Rhino 7 and 6-months free online training £4,350 (saving £1,475)

All prices are subject to currency fluctuation and VAT

For more information or to purchase, email or call 0113 389 9710.