MatrixGold Latest Updates (v.2.0.19200.2001 Release Notes)

Jul 23, 2019

The latest updates have arrived, full of additional features and fixes with more to follow.

We welcome your feedback on how we are doing and anything you cannot find, just ask?


MatrixGold 2019 v.2.0.19200.2001 RC Release Notes



Match Attributes 

– Select one or more objects to apply a Dynamic Commands attributes to, then select the Source Object. You are given a window showing each Dynamic Command applied to the Source Object, then select which attributes to copy. The attributes are then copied to each object specified.


Command Editor

– Pressing CTRL + LEFT CLICK or CTRL + RIGHT CLICKon a Rhino Command shortcut in the Ribbon Bar brings up the Ribbon Command Editor, allowing you to modify or specify your own Rhino Command Script(s).




Ribbon Bar

– Improved Ribbon Search now shows results in separate categories in addition to the combined view making searching for Commands faster than ever.

– Dragging Ribbon Bar items off of the bar no longer breaks the Command.

– Clicking a Command now allows you to use Rhino Shortcuts (Ex. F4 – Origin) without clicking to set focus.


Quick Commands Additions

– Group and Ungroup shortcuts added for managing Rhino Objects.

– Hide Dynamic Commands added to hide Command Output geometry without deleting it from a Design.

–  Match Attributes added for easy access.


Project Actions

– Added Full Save and Job Bag Columns

– Increasing the height of the Project Actions panel will show the Full Saves on the left in a column, and the Job Bag Exports on the right.


Hot Keys

– Function Hot Keys are now passed forward to Rhino, except for the F1 and F6 hotkeys which are bound to the Command Help and Context Menu.


Style Sheets

– Additional Style Sheets were added for Dynamic Commands.


Render Materials

– Diamond Render Material is now compatible with Rhino 6.16.

– Render Materials are now present for each Layer in a new document; so materials can be adjusted in Render Studio without applying them to an object.



– Fixed a bug causing the Layers UI Panel to be empty in some scenarios.

– Layer Materials are now present when doing a File New.

– Dynamic Commands will now add new geometry to common layers when the user has made those changes.


User Interface

– Colours and Formats have been adjusted and made more consistent.

– Quick Commands, Recent Commands, and Display Modes now properly adjust their spacing to give a uniform look regardless of Icon Size or Quantity.


Gem Mapping

– Gem sizes now round to two digits for better clarity when using custom sizes.

– Gem spacing has been improved.

– Enhanced support for various gem shapes.

– Gems that are placed directly above one another now appear populate side-by-side in the Gem Map.



– Added automatic Hide functionality.

– Refined the user controls based on customer feedback.




– Improper Viewport Control Handle placement when dealing with tapered gem rows

– Improper placement for middle gems when using tapered gem rows

– Issues when changing Head base prong style to Cut to Point

– Improper placement when adding Rhino Objects from the viewport to Objects on Surface

– Incorrectly positioned end prongs in some situations

– Flipped surfaces when using Bezel with tapered baguettes

– Flipped surfaces when using meshed prongs in some situations

– Gem Offset Curve corner blending issues when using emerald stones

– Invalid geometry when using Head with emerald stones

– Some Dynamic Commands don’t respond to the gvHide command

– Unreliable results when using the gvCenterObjects command

– Invalid geometry when using some Profiles

– Dynamic Commands not working when the language is set to German

– Incorrect listings in the Context Menu

– Typographical errors


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