Buy MatrixGold Essentials before 31st May for $5,900 and get the upgrade to the full MatrixGold program for free – a saving of $2,000.

For existing users on the latest versions of Matrix 9, RhinoGold 6.6 or CounterSketch, Stuller recognises your loyalty, extending the $2,000 off the list price of $7,900 beyond the end of May. For those on older versions, you can receive the same savings if you purchase before the end of May. From 1st June the price for the full program will be $7,900.

(Please note, we convert to £ plus VAT when the order is placed)

What is MatrixGold

Matrix and RhinoGold have been re-written from the ground up on a single new platform. Combining the very best of both programs plus Clayoo and Rhino 6.


MatrixGold brings new tools and features not possible on the older platforms. MatrixGold introduces advanced parametric modelling and enhanced control handles, great gem features and is well placed to benefit from future developments.

What does this mean for your business?

This is not an upgrade, it is a new program, your current program will continue to run and we will support you as always. Should you be interested in purchasing the new MatrixGold, transitioning will be easy for Matrix and RhinoGold users as you will recognise the features you are familiar with. Stuller have also added a new training academy with hours of quality video tutorials to help your development.


Can I sell my old licenses?
Yes, you can trade on the open market any full licenses without charge, NOTE, you can only sell additional keys along-side the parent license to the same buyer. So, if you bought two licenses, the 2nd would have been discounted, you can sell both together to the same buyer but not split them up. Obviously, this also helps reduce the outlay for MatrixGold. New owners will not be eligible to upgrade or any loyalty deal.


How do I learn to use the new MatrixGold?
There is a new on-line training academy with 24/7 access to great tutorial videos. This is a 12-month company license so can be viewed by any employees within your business; the cost is £775 plus VAT.


Can I see MatrixGold in action?
We have a selection of videos showing you how this can work to speed up your designing process. Visit our MatrixGold page here.


Find out more and visit our MatrixGold page here

Email or call 0113 389 9710 to find out more.


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