Coherent support

Here you will find support videos on the Coherent products and some of the most commonly asked questions.

Desktop and Performance laser welders

With the welders GVUK offer a comprehensive service and warranty package that covers an annual service and any and all parts-fair wear and abuse exceptions. This you can pay for monthly or annually.

Desktop: £75 per month or £855 p.a. inc 5% discount (plus VAT)
Performance: £85 monthly or £969.00 inc 5% discount (plus VAT)

Easymark/Easyjewel laser engraver

The Easymark/Easyjewel laser engravers require little maintenance but we ask you to wipe clean the internal area weekly with a damp cloth, for precious metal you may wish to add these to your reclamation bag. Use a lens cloth on the lens itself, it will become fogged by the fumes over time. Finally, the BOFA extraction and filtration unit should be tested for performance annually for H&S reasons, the paper filter can be changed and the hose can be washed out, again, recycle the particles you wash out of the pipe.

Help & FAQ’s

Easy to view help videos and advice on the most commonly asked questions

Disinfection Recommendations

A easy PDF guide to keeping your laser welder hygienically clean.

Water and filter replacement on Coherent Desktop 7004

This video shows how you can replace the water filter and water. This must be carried out annually and is part of the annual service plan.

How to laser engrave fingerprints

Short video on laser engraving with the Coherent-Rofin Easyjewel laser engraver.