3D printers for Jewellers, Dentists, Engineers and Model-makers

3D printers for jewellery, dental, engineering and model making professionals. EnvisionTEC 3D CAD/CAM printers are the No1 choice with super high-speed printing and high accuracy and a vast selection on consumable resins including bio-compatible, wax and ABS style materials.

3D printers for Jewellers

Specialised printers for extreme detail and unparalleled quality from the Micro to desktops and the full Perfactory.

3D printers for Dentists

Professional accuracy is key for orthodontics when printing bridges, guides and full dentures, add speed and a wide range of dental resins.

3D printers for Engineers

High accuracy, super-fast printing, 350mm build height and a vast range of resins, this is what we have all been waiting for.

3D printers for Model Makers

Proven throughout the modeling industry, the RC nanoparticle-filled series of resin, provides a fine level of detail with almost zero cleaning.

Consumables for 3D printers

GVUK can supply the full range of EnvisionTEC resins and printing materials together with all other 3D printing consumables.

UV Curing Units

These cure the resin so are an essential part of the package, suitable for a multitude of purposes.