Industry solutions

Technology allows us to be competitive in this global market. The technologies we have carefully selected bring precision, time-saving benefits and cost reductions. Backed up by our expert training and support you can have confidence of your investment.


Market-leading Gemvision’s MatrixGold brings even more tools to aid your CAD design capabilities. Coherent laser welders are the No.1 choice for the quality and build while EnvisionTEC’s precision 3D printing and Thunk3D scanners reduce build-time and lower production costs.

Jewellery Solutions

Dental, Maxillofacial & Orthodontic Departments

From Orthodontic clear aligners & night-guards to C&B, occlusal guards and gingival masks, the EnvisionTEC dental range of precision printers and materials will speed up your production & lower your costs. While the Thunk3d scanner will produce accurate digital files from impressions.

Model Making

EnvisionTEC’s Nanocure resin has always led the performance league table for super fine smooth surface detail and now with the D4K Pro you have almost 6x larger build envelope than the Micro HR with the same material.

Model Making Solutions

Tooling & Engineering

3D printed models save time and costs. With a wide range of resin materials you will always find the right solution with EnvisionTEC high precision 3D printers and resins. Thunk 3D hand-held scanners provide you with accurate STL files in both colour and mono-chrome.

Tooling & Engineering Solutions
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Coherent Lasers
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