3D Scanners

At last, affordable high-resolution white-light 3D scanners. A fast and easy to use desktop option, for jewellery or dental impressions, plus a hand-held model in full colour for larger items including head and shoulders, engineered parts and works of art. Supplied with tutorial video and UK telephone/video support.

3D Scanner for Jewellers

Easy to use scanning in minutes with software and training included. Perfect for gemstones, wed-fit designs and reproduction of treasured items.

3D Scanner for Dentists

Scan dental impressions in a few minutes, editing software included then open the saved files in your dental cad software, perfect for surgical guides, retainers restorations, orthodontics and implant cases.

3D Scanners for Model Makers

Perfect re-production of models for editing in your own cad program, this High quality 3D scanner scans to 5-80mm with a resolution at 0.06mm.

3D Scanners for Engineers

Reverse engineering solution with autofill and full colour or black & white. A selection of hand-held models are available for perfect scanning from 20cm – 200cm. Mesh fixing software and part assembly of scans is included in the software.