3D Scanners for Engineers

Reverse engineering solution with autofill and full colour or black & white. A selection of hand-held models are available for perfect scanning from 20cm – 200cm. Mesh fixing software and part assembly of scans is included in the software.

How 3D scanning can help your business

Accurately scan and save data as STL files that can be edited in any modern CAD software in either black and white or full colour. Includes a pair of red focal pointers to help you stay in focus and with a scan size are of 5-100cm you have a single file with 0.04mm accuracy.

Desktop 3D Scanner for Engineers

Desktop scanner scans to a single file objects 50-80mm using the CMOS,1.31mp and 16mm/5mp lens. The included software allows you to easily bring multiple scans together, trim unwanted areas and post mesh edit to remove and smooth areas.


• Sensor: CMOS,1.31mp * 2
• Scan volume: 5-80 mm or 10-150mm
• Raster: 1280*1080 DLP= 8mm*6mm
• Scan speed: 1-3S/Frame
• Lens: 16mm/5mp * 2
• Scan mode: Auto scan
• Alignment: Feature/Mark Align
• Resolution: 0.06 mm or 0.08mm
• Certificate: CE/FCC/WEEE/CNAS
• Accuracy: < 10 um or 15nm • Export format: STL/AC • PC require: Nvida GM>2GB

£4,000 +VAT

Handheld 3D Scanner for Engineers

The hand-held full colour 3D scanner is perfect for capturing the detail on clothing, tools and furniture. Larger items can be scanned in parts and assembled in the software, this is perfect for accurate reproductions.


• CMOS,1.31mp * 3 sensor
• Field of View – Standard mode: 40*32cm; Fine mode: 20*16 cm
• Raster – 1280*800 DLP
• Scan speed – 3,000,000 points/S, 12-15 images/S
• Lens 8mm/5mp * 2 Scan Volume
• Standard mode: 20-200cm; Fine mode: 10-100cm
• Resolution – 0.24 mm
• Certification CE/FCC/WEEE/CNAS Scan accuracy
• < 0.1mm (single frame); < 1mm/M volume
• Data format ASC/STL/PLY/PNG PC require Nvidia as main GPU+ Win 10
• Interface: USB3.0, C++ API Trigger
• Software – Free update

Price from £4,500 to £5,250 +VAT