3D printers for Jewellers

EnvisionTEC is the number one choice for 3D printing jewellery due to the precision and range of materials offered straight from the machine for casting and molding. Highly detailed filigree and accurate settings along with organic shapes are achievable with the full range of printers. The throughput of the machine is proven to be unparalleled in the industry. The accuracy achievable is beyond laser or printing alternative technologies with 15-30 micron resolution capability as standard. This makes it the perfect choice for micro pave or invisible settings.

EnvisionTEC 3D printers

The latest technology in 3D printing has great flexibility in resin choices and is perfect for direct lost-wax-casting plus 3D print masters for injection filled molding. Casting EnvisionTEC resins is fast becoming industry standard due to the speed and level of detail not available on any other 3D printer.



– Direct cast option  

– Fine crisp level of detail

– Speed

– Hot or cold molding resin choice

– Accuracy

– Low running cost

– Maintenance free

– UK support

EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Jewellery

Highest resolution 4K desktop 3D printer

Suitable for direct casting, prototyping and moulding

Small footprint 54 x 54 x 59cm

Software included

2020 EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Dental 3D Printer

Vida HD

Low cost, easy to maintain and user friendly 3D printer

Especially well-suited for dental and jewellery applications

hangeover between materials is quick and easy with no waste

Vida HD cDLM

The latest  technology in 3D printing

Most cost-effective printer on market

Full build in around 1 hour

Prototype models in under 1 hour

Micro Plus HiRes


Professional grade 3D printer

Perfect to combine with CounterSketch International

Touchscreen interface

45 x 28 x 100mm build envelope

Micro Plus Advantage


Professional grade 3D printer

Perfect to combine with CounterSketch International

Touchscreen interface

60 x 45 x 100mm build envelope

Perfactory P4K

LED outperforms UHP lightsources in cost savings and has an estimated life expectency of 20,000 hours

Economic material use

Designed to run 24/7 in a production environment

UV Curing Units


These cure the resin so are an essential part of the package, suitable for a multitude of purposes.

EnvisionTEC News

Technology Showcase, 19th March 2019 – Birmingham
Technology Showcase, 19th March 2019 – Birmingham

Come and see the latest in laser engraving and all new super-fast 3D printing technologies available from Coherent-Rofin and EnvisionTEC. GVUK will be hosting an open showcase at the School of Jewellery Birmingham on Tuesday 19th March 9.30am - 4.30pm, refreshments...

Come and see us at J&W 2018
Come and see us at J&W 2018

See us at the at the NEC, Birmingham on 4-8th February at the UK’s major jewellery exhibition on stand Q43 in hall 18. Take a closer look at the latest developments in 3D printing with world-leading EnvisionTEC printers, plus Gemvision’s award-winning jewellery design...