EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Jewellery

• Highest resolution 4K desktop 3D printer

• Industrial-grade UV LED projector for reliability and consistency

• Designed to run 24/7 in a production environment

Introducing the D4K Pro, the highest resolution professional grade desktop 3D printer. In addition to having the fastest speed for a standard DLP printer, D4K Pro from EnvisionTEC delivers extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available. The D4K Pro is compatible with all EnvisionTEC DLP resins, including PIC100, WIC100G, QView, and many castable resins delivering zero porosity castings.

For all your jewellery 3D printing needs, the D4K Pro is built on the most reliable 4K UV DLP projector and includes EnvisionTEC’s patented PSA for low separation forces. Brought to you by the original inventors of DLP 3D printing technology. EnvisionTEC has been leading the way for jewellery 3D printing since 2003, with its best-selling 3D printers being utilised in hundreds of jewellery manufacturing operations globally.