Dental Clinics, Dental Labs, Maxillofacial & Orthodontic Departments

Latest technology cDLM and DLP 3D printers, laser welding and cutting and 3D scanning are essential tools for every dental clinic, dental laboratory, maxillofacial, orthodontic department and research centre.

Lasers for Dental Labs, Maxillofacial & Orthodontic Departments

Marking and welding of titanium plates, filling and repairing of  brackets, wires, partials, rests and bridges and with laser wire to match material properties you will be assured of an invisible and secure weld. See the Improbond section for details on available wires.

Lasers for Maxillofacial, Orthodontic & Dental Labs

3D Printers for Dental Clinics, Dental Labs, Maxillofacial & Orthodontics Departments

Accuracy, detail, speed and of course biocompatibility are essential. With EnvisionTEC, the creators of DLP and cDLM technology, you are guaranteed quality performing 3D printers and corresponding resins. Where speed, accuracy and consistency matters EnvisionTEC printers are product of choice.

3D Printers for Orthodontics & Dental Labs

3D Scanners for Orthodontics, Dentists & Dental Labs

High precision fast scanning From Thunk3D. 0.01mm accuracy with a CMOS 1.31mp sensor, a 16mm 5mp lens and a 150mm scan area. This scanner comes with its own software for auto filling for water-tight stl files, essential for 3D printing.

3D Scanners for Dentists