3D Scanner for Orthodontics, Dentists & Dental Labs

High precision fast scanning From Thunk3D. 0.01mm accuracy with a CMOS 1.31mp sensor, a 16mm 5mp lens and a 120mm scan area. This scanner comes with its own software for auto filling for water-tight stl files, essential for 3D printing.

How 3D scanning can help your business

Perfect solution for restorations, orthodontics and implants. Accurately scan impressions that can be taken into any cad software for editing and 3D printing. You will appreciate the accuracy of precision scanning 3D printed models.


• Sensor: CMOS,1.31mp * 2
• Scan volume: 10-150 mm
• Lens: 16mm/5mp
• Requires Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU Note not AMD or Radeon

Included in box:

• Thunk3D scanner,
• Calibration tray
• Crown tray,
• Denture clamp,
• UK power lead,
• USB connect lead
• Training video
• Remote UK support
• 12-month warranty

£4,000 +VAT

3D Dental Scanning

3D Impressions scanned and ready for editing in any dental software.

Bite-plane down

Bite-plane up