3D printers for Model Makers

From incredible facial detail to accurate engineered style parts, the Perfactory range of DLP 3D printers bring a selection of build sizes and resolution detail envied across the world to model-makers and animators.

The requirement of the film and animation industries is for highly detailed models with good surface finish so that models can be used for visual mock ups, photo/film shoots and master patterns for molding. EnvisionTEC is an ideal choice for 3D printing for this industry as the surface finish of models straight from the machine means little or no hand finishing of the parts are required, which is essential on free form textured models

EnvisionTEC 3D printers

The latest technology in 3D printing has great flexibility in resin choices and is perfect for direct lost-wax-casting plus 3D print masters for injection filled molding. Casting EnvisionTEC resins is fast becoming industry standard due to the speed and level of detail not available on any other 3D printer.


• Direct cast option

• Fine crisp level of detail

• Speed

• Hot or cold molding resin choice

• Accuracy

• Low running cost

• Maintenance free

• UK support

EnvisionTEC D4K Pro

• Highest resolution 4K desktop 3D printer
• Industrial-grade UV LED projector for reliability and consistency
• Designed to run 24/7 in a production environment

2020 EnvisionTEC D4K Pro 3D Printer

UV Curing Units

These cure the resin so are an essential part of the package, suitable for a multitude of purposes

EnvisionTEC News

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