3D Scanner for Jewellers

3D scanning is perfect for scanning a client’s ring for creating a fitted band or scanning a gemstone to accurately design a head, digital recording of historic items. Auto process makes this an easy-to-use program for exporting STL files.

How 3D scanning can help your business

Easy to use scanning in minutes with software and training included. Perfect for gemstones, wed-fit designs and reproduction of treasured items.

CMOS,1.31mp sensor with 5-80mm scanning area and 16mm/5mp lens and a resolution of 0.06mm Save the scan as STL for easy import into any cad program. Requires scanning spray to remove reflections – sold separately.


• Easy to use software included
• Scan objects in minutes
• 5MP lens 0.06mm resolution
• Fills holes and smoothes
• Full training video provided
• Requires Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU Note not AMD or Radeon

Included in box:

• 3D scanner
• Cables UK plug & USB cable
• Calibration plate
• USB disk
• Die (12 positions)
• Software
• Link to instruction video
• Blue Tack

£4,500 +VAT – Free shipping UK & Ireland

3D Scanning videos

Watch the magic with these short taster videos

Ring Scan

3D scan of a ring using the Thunk3D jewellery scanner.

3D Model Scan

3D scan of a model horse.