Lasers for Jewellers

The Rofin brand is synonymous with quality and longevity, Under the new combined brand Coherent, all lasers are still manufactured in-house to ensure quality and performance. On-site servicing ensures you do not suffer downtime and with a service and warranty package you can be assured you will have a perfect laser welder for years to come.

Laser welders for Jewellers

Laser welding of precious metals offers high quality invisible joining in platinum, palladium, gold, silver, titanium and other jewellery metals. Using filler wires of the same material, strong joints can be achieved without compromising quality or speed. Repair of damaged jewellery without unsetting heat-sensitive stones makes the task easier and faster by laser. Antique pieces can be repaired with only local heating, thus preserving the quality and appearance of the item.

Coherent Laser Welders

Laser engravers for Jewellers

Laser marking and engraving of rings or flat components gives the level of customisation and personalisation required by the discerning customer without compromising on quality. Easy to use software, compact and efficient systems are now virtually maintenance-free. Used in Hallmarking or decorative engraving with unlimited depth, the laser is the tool of choice for automated engraving of medals, rings and personalisation with the owner’s details.