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Lab Diamond Detectors for Jewellers

The most reliable way to determine whether a diamond is natural or lab-grown is to use a CVD and HPHT detector from Yehuda Diamond. It tests how the rock reacts to UV rays by measuring the fluorescence of the gemstone. The lab can determine if it is a natural diamond, lab-created, or any other type of rock.

CVD and HPHT detector from Yehuda Diamond

State-of-the-art lasers for Jewellers

The Rofin brand is synonymous with quality and longevity, Under the new combined brand Coherent, all lasers are still manufactured in-house to ensure quality and performance. On-site servicing ensures you do not suffer downtime and with a service and warranty package you can be assured you will have a perfect laser welder for years to come.

3D design software for Jewellers

Ground-braking Dynamic MatrixGold and parametric CounterSketch give you total control of all your designs, with superb imaging and video output doubling as a professional marketing tool.

3D printers for Jewellers

EnvisionTEC is the number one choice for 3D printing jewellery due to the precision and range of materials offered straight from the machine for casting and molding.

3D scanners for Jewellers

3D scanning is perfect for scanning a client’s ring for creating a fitted band or scanning a gemstone to accurately design a head, digital recording of historic items. Auto process makes this an easy-to-use program for exporting STL files.