3D design software for Jewellers

Ground-braking Dynamic MatrixGold and parametric CounterSketch give you total control of all your designs, with superb imaging and video output doubling as a professional marketing tool.

Intuitive to use, these CAD/CAM programs allow you to design with full control of your models without compromise, controlling weights and scale ahead of manufacturing while offering incredible presentation options to visualise designs with advance CAD rendering and animations.
Gemvision MatrixGold
MatrixGold allows you complete freedom to design and build up your own collections, export the files to be 3D printed and manufactured anywhere you choose. The rendering and animations are powerful marketing assets too.
Gemvision CounterSketch
CounterSketch is one of the best sales aids in the world. With a library of over 2,500 designs that each have around 300 variations plus another library of 1,500 components you can use to add to existing designs or build up from scratch. Partnered with Stuller who will manufacture your jewellery and deliver in around 15-days this makes for an attractive and easy to use sales tool.