UV curing units

Ultra violet curing units are an essential parts of the curing cycle of DLP printing, with differing size units you can choose the right size and power to suit your models – available for all DLP printers, of any brand.

PCA 100

• 36 LEDs that deliver light in the 390 – 420 nm wavelength range
• Features an automatic rotating turntable, allowing for optimal uniformity in curing
• Digital display control panel provides simple and user-friendly operation

PCA 2000

• Unique system of both 405m and 385nm UV LEDs
• 360° irradiation and controlled heating
• Microprocessor-controlled touchscreen interface and intuitive software

UVCA 2000

• 12 power compact UV fluorescent lamps for the post-processing of UV sensitive curing resins
• Perfect for large parts and with a 355mm internal height it is perfect for the EnvisionOne, Ultra and Extreme 3SP printers

EnvisionTEC News

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