UV curing units

Another product for the EnvisionTEC printers are ultra violet curing chambers. These cure the resins so are an essential part of the package and are suitable for a multitude of purposes. We can sell our GVUK ovens to anyone who wants one, not just jewellery artisans.

EnvisionTEC Otoflash post-curing unit

The Otoflash is a light polymerization chamber for the hardening/curing of light curing resins for jewelry, dental, and otoplastic applications. Two photoflash lamps at the bottom of the curing chamber operate in a work mode with a frequency of 10 flashes per second. The photo-flash lamps produce a very intensive light radiation in a spectrum from 300 up to 700 nm. Because of this intensive light radiation, a better hardening of the materials is possible, resulting in materials with good physical values and reduced content of residual monomer versus using other lamp types with a different light emitting spectrum.

Overall dimensions: 310 x 310 x 140 mm

EnvisionTEC PCA 100 post-curing apparatus

The EnvisionTEC PCA 100 is a post-curing apparatus for the final hardening and strengthening of photopolymer parts that were 3D printed. This unit features 36 LEDs that deliver light in the 390 – 420 nm wavelength range. The PCA 100 is ideal for applications in jewellery, dental, and the hearing aid industries. Using a post curing apparatus as a final step results in higher strength and stability and also ensures a thorough cure, which is critical for parts destined for direct casting.

The PCA 100 also features an automatic rotating turntable, allowing for optimal uniformity in curing. A digital display control panel provides simple and user-friendly operation and a buzzer alerts the user of the completion of the curing process.

Overall dimensions: 245.5 x 197 x 268 mm