Gemvision MatrixGold

MatrixGold V3 launch June 2022

Bringing you new, time-saving features

MatrixGold adds a new dimension to Gemvision’s advanced CAD solutions. It combines top Matrix and RhinoGold features with the simplified interface of CounterSketch. MatrixGold offers you more power, a curated set of tools, intuitive workflow, and enhanced productivity.

What is MatrixGold

MatrixGold combines top Matrix and RhinoGold features with elements of the user-friendly CounterSketch interface. MatrixGold will simplify your work, resulting in greater productivity and easier customer participation.


Rhino 7 CAD engine

– Developed using the latest version of McNeel’s Rhino 7 CAD engine.
– Provides outstanding speed for greater responsiveness.
– Improves presentation, display, and more.


Parametric history powered builders

– MatrixGold has enhanced data trees that retain — and remember — how components were built and how they relate to one another.
– Use this parametric history/memory to reconfigure design changes quickly.


Design reporting

– Improved volumising tools that help you to estimate manufacturing prices.
– Users have access to gem mapping, material lists, and additional reporting enhancements.
– Combination of features from the RhinoGold Tech Report and- Matrix Reporting tools that promote ease of use and customer value.

Advanced rendering

New rendering core

– MatrixGold builds on the Rhino 7 Cycles Engine to make rendering easy and intuitive.
– Allows GPU or CPU rendering to make the most of any computer system.
– Live preview rendering features material hot-swapping.

Designed in MatrixGold

Art is the science of creation and with MatrixGold creating has just become easier. Excite your clients with live changes by creating something amazing right in front of their eyes.

Contact us

Our GVUK Design team are here to help and advise on the best solution to your requirements, with full training and technical support.

T: 0113 389 9710

MatrixGold News

MatrixGold V3 is here

If you bought or upgraded to MatrixGold in 2022, you will automatically receive this upgrade for free!

For those who bought before 2022 save $100 by purchasing before end of July for £495 plus vat NB Requires Rhino 7.

Contact us to upgrade.

MatrixGold videos

Watch the magic with these short taster videos

MSR is back With Gems

MatrixGold Wed-Fit made easy.

And MSR Objects

Bespoke settings created from a collet using scallop cutter in MatrixGold with parametric history for easy editing.

Pull to rail is back

MatrixGold just 20 passes per frame.

Proxy Gem, just brilliant!

Learn how to create realistic French set with MatrixGold using cutters and parametric history.

Custom Gem, Better than ever

Watch and learn how easily you can set MatrixGold to render multiple versions with ease, 100’s of versions automatically rendered and saved to your destination folder.

Gem Placer – time saving Pave tool

Enjoy the flexibility to fully adjust your designs, changing gem shape & size, number of gems and layout allowing unlimited variations. Thanks to Michele Turco for this video.