Desktop Health Einstein

• HyperPrint Technology

• Wavelength NanoFit385nm

• Build Envelope 190*107*101mm

• XY Native Resolution 99µm

• Enhanced XY Resolution (Pixel Tuning) 65µm

• Dynamic Layer Thickness Z resolution 25-50-75-100-150µm

• Electrical Requirements 100–250V AC, 5A, 50Hz/60Hz

2020 EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Dental 3D Printer

Desktop Health have launched a new highly accurate and fast desktop 3D Printer, Named Einstein.

Utilising Industrial-grade DLP chips and Pixel tuning for a smoother surface, they have also added Hyperlink, a closed loop process providing regulated heat while printing for consistent and reliable prints. The 385µm wavelength provides a more efficient cure with a higher rate of light absorption over a 405µm wavelength.

2020 EnvisionTEC D4K Pro Dental 3D Printer