Bring your nesting to the Highest level!

Nesting is the optimisation and orientation of objects to save material. Take the right steps before manufacturing by using RhinoNest.

RhinoNest benefits

– Enable slices in 3D objects

– Define multiple panels

– Position slices in the C-Plane for subsequent optimisation

– Slice surfaces, solids and/or meshes

– Automatically identify slices, text and/or simple trace text mode

– Slice surfaces solids and/or meshes

– Integration with Grasshopper

– Raster to vector

– Import/Export in numerous file formats

– Works on Rhino 6

RhinoNest videos

Nesting 2D

RhinoNest, simple nesting in 2D for cutting and milling saving on material waste, time and cost.

Nesting 3D

Taking 3D files in to Vector for cutting and milling, multiple controls allow you to repeat models, attach importance order and save in various file formats including DXF.


Auto remapping for cutting and milling.