The merger between II-VI and Coherent is finalised

Aug 20, 2022

On July 1, 2022, the merger between II-VI and Coherent was finalised, creating a powerhouse in materials, networking, and lasers. We chose the name Coherent for the combined company because it has a universal meaning to bring things together, and an appeal that we believe will expand our brand recognition. II-VI is recognised as a leader in photonic solutions and compound semiconductors; Coherent is an established industry leader in lasers and laser systems. Together, our combined business will be more distributed across the value chain from materials to components, subsystems, systems, and service.

Here are some key stats:
• $4.8B in revenue (fiscal year 2022 pro forma revenue)
• 28,000+ employees
• $500M+ in R&D
• 130 global locations
• 24 countries