Diamond Terminology Guidelines

Sep 15, 2023

Diamonds, synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants are different products catering to different markets with different value propositions.

National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) together with nine of the leading diamond industry organisations (AWDC, CIBJO, GJEPC, IDI, IDMA, NDC, RJC, WDC and WFDB) endorses the present guideline to encourage full, fair and effective use of a clear and accessible terminology for diamonds, synthetics diamonds and imitations of diamonds by all sector bodies, organisations and traders.

This Diamond Terminology Guideline serves as a reference document for the diamond and jewellery trade when referring to diamonds and synthetic diamonds. It is built on two internationally accepted standards: the ISO 18323 Standard (“Jewellery – Consumer confidence in the diamond industry”) and the CIBJO Diamond Blue Book.

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