MatrixGold Beginners CAD Online Short Course

Jul 12, 2023

This event is running from 5 September 2023 until 10 October 2023.

CAD Jewellery Skills is proud to offer in conjunction with GVUK Design our officially certified Beginners MatrixGold CAD online short course.

This 6-day online short course takes students through the essential basics of jewellery CAD modelling using MatrixGold, covering all the essential information needed to provide students with the confidence to experiment with the tools on their own and solve their own design problems.

Course topics include:

  • The MatrixGold user interface
  • Creating and controlling curves
  • Controlling MatrixGold’s Dynamic Commands and parametric history.
  • Essential 3D solid modelling commands for building your own shapes
  • Problem solving strategy in CAD
  • Tolerances for effective manufacturing of stone settings and most types of jewellery.
  • Basic rendering
  • Exporting STL files for 3D printing

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