MatrixGold Comprehensive short course

Jan 31, 2023

About this course

This 12-day online short course, starting 21 February 2023, covers all the elements of both the beginner and intermediate MatrixGold short courses, taking students from the essential basics of jewellery CAD modelling using MatrixGold, all the way up through subdivision modelling. The goal is to provide students with the confidence to experiment with the tools on their own and solve their own design problems.

The course will be in two halves, with a 2 week break in between.
The first half will cover:

• The MatrixGold user interface

• Creating and controlling curves

• Controlling MatrixGold’s Dynamic Commands and parametric history

• Essential 3D solid modelling commands for building your own shapes

To book
Email or call 01582 727 971

Cost £900 + vat

For those who have not yet purchased MatrixGold, you can rent a full license. This lasts 6-months and includes Rhino 7. At the end of the 6-months, you can keep Rhino 7 plus, when you do purchase MatrixGold you will be eligible for a discount.

The cost to rent is $296 USD

NOTE: You will need a suitable laptop or PC with a dedicated Nvidia GTX or RTX graphics card and 8 gig of ram running Windows 10 or 11 and a mouse.

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