The latest updates for MatrixGold have arrived, full of additional features and fixes with more to follow.

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• Mesh Repair – This tool will help jewellers to fix and get their files ready to print.
• Texture 3D – Add textures, taken from any scale of grey image, to any surface.
• Smart Pattern – Use MatrixGold library patterns (or your own ones) to decorate any design.
• Gems between 2 curves – Add different stone sizes to any design, using 2 curves as boundaries.
• Gems list on curve – This is the right tool to use one curve as a reference to add different stone sizes.

• Signet Ring Side profile – New Signet Ring with more functionality, more controls on the side profile to achieve a big range of different shapes.
• Head new prongs options – 2 and 3 prongs options added to the Head tool.
• Rendering using Alpha Channels – Renders can be made by parts with different settings and put them together later with any photo editor.
• Animation Studio Added Camera Alignment preference to allow Animation Camera to align with the Curve, Reverse, Perpendicular, or Reverse Perpendicular.

• Save as default Style – Set as default the most used customers settings on each tool.
• Save custom materials in Render Studio – Apply any changes to the default render materials, save, and use them later.
• Import old profile from Matrix – With this tool, Matrix users can import their Matrix profiles to MatrixGold in just one click.
• Profile Placer – New logic when placing profile on a curve.

• Pave Prongs – New logic on prongs around borders.
• Profile Placer – Changed the shift step on from 0.05 to 0.125.
• Head – Added 3 Prong Head Setting to Head Command.
• Head – Added Mouse Wheel Horizontal Scrolling to Head Prong Layout List.
• Micro Prong Cutter – Reversed which side is small and which is big for the auto taper.
• Jali – Added 50 new Patterns to Pattern Library for the Jali Command.

• Added logic to allow double-clicking on a .3dm to open MG and Open the file if .3dm is associated with MatrixGold.
• New Higher Contrast Colour Scheme for Rhino Viewports and fixes to Dark Rhino Panel Colours.
• Cam Submission link added to FILE MENU.
• Multi-User Windows Login Support by moving Application Settings to User Specific location.
• Default Style Sheet feature for Dynamic Commands now allows users to Save Default Values for each time they run a Dynamic Command.
• Added Korean Language Translation.
• Updated Japanese Language Translation.
• Added Drag-n-drop to Display Modes Panel, to allow reordering the Display Mode buttons.
• Added UI to Add Profile to Library to show Preview of Profile and validate Profile before adding.
• Added Reset button to Dynamic Commands preferences to restore default Dynamic Command settings.
• Added Top, Front, Side, and Perspective Views to Collections Content Library.
• Added New Troubleshooting Window when Security Update or Internet Connection Fails.
• Added JPG/PNG Render Option to gvBatchRender command.
• Added ESC to abort gvBatchRender processing.
• Render Studio – Materials Panel now default to Grid View rather than List View.
• Render Studio – Custom Render Passes Option added to allow any specific number of Render Passes.
• Render Studio – Added Custom Render Materials Saving and Importing from the Render Material Context Menu and Import Button.

• Improved UI Reset in Troubleshooting Preferences to also reset Font Size setting.
• Changed Tech Report Button Icons to be more easily read on Tech Report.
• Improved Print View of Tech Report, hiding buttons etc.
• Adjusted Active Dynamic Command Colours to allow text and icons to be more visible.
• Enlarged Dynamic Command Kebab Menu for improved visibility.

• Fixed bug with Quick Commands and Recent Commands not executing Builders.
• Fixed F6 Commands throwing Exceptions, caused by bug in Recent Commands logic.
• Fixed some Static Matrix Commands Not Executing in Ribbon Bar.
• Fixed Viewport Titles to be more in Contrast to Window.
• Fixed Dark Text on Dark Panels in Rhino.
• Fixed Major Minor Grid Lines not Contrasting Enough.
• Fixed Foreground/Background contrast issue with Colour Picker in Render Materials Editor.
• Fixed Animation Presets not working for some users.
• Fixed bug with profile width on profile placer tool.
• Fixed a bug where two-word gems would throw error when setting from UI.
• Fixed a bug where non-English language Project Files were saving Dates Incorrectly causing Errors on Startup.
• Fixed a lockup issue some users experienced while generating the Gem Map.
• Fixed a bug where Gem on Ring Rail would flip if the tangent at start would return a bad vector.
• Fixed an issue where a missing Rhino Viewport Mode would cause issues with MatrixGold.
• Fixed an issue causing Tech Report not to function in some scenarios.
• Fixed a bug where the Save As menu option was not starting in the current Project Folder.
• Fixed a bug where Saving a Stylesheet would also save Dynamic Command Related Objects, causing builder to always start with the object.
• Fixed RibbonBar Scrolling on Hover.
• Fixed RibbonBar Not Reducing Size when Text/Icons Removed.
• Fixed Status Bar Snap Toggles focus issues preventing keystrokes from working in Rhino.
• Fixed Ribbon Config Button Orientations when Ribbon Height Changes.
• Fixed issues with Render Gem Material sliders for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance not always working.
• Fixed a bug with Profile Editor when trying to save a profile, profile was not saved in some scenarios.
• Fixed a bug with GemView was not working when Rhino Viewports are named different from our default.
• Fixed a bug where Security Update would fail if a long running Rhino calculation took more than 1 minute.
• Alpha Transparency to Render Materials
• Custom Render Passes
• Gem List on Curve
• Gem Between 2 Curves
• Added Quick Context Menu to Right+Click on Dynamic Commands. Using the Quick Context Menu you can set a Default Style Sheet, Open the Style Contect Browser, Clear a Default Style; Hide and Show the Dynamic Command Output, and Rename or Delete a Dynamic Command.
• Add Profile to Library. Added Preview UI when adding a custom Profile. Also now validating whether profiles are open or closed to the specified Profile Library (Shank, Bezel, etc.)


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