MatrixGold support

Here you will find some short videos of the most commonly asked questions, remember we have over 300 tutorial videos on the Matrix academy. To sign up, please contact us.

MatrixGold is supported providing you are within your initial 12-month purchase date or you have an existing support contract. You can also pay on demand.

We will always help you if the program is not working with or without support.

Support includes but not exclusively: from loading the program to design help and advice, we also have the additional support from Gemvision’s support team.

Support options:

12-month support is included with a purchase of MatrixGold, not a 2nd license

Annual support contract
Unlimited technical support and help

On-demand support & technical help

£115 per hour, minimum charge £115. This would not include updates.

Prices are plus vat

MatrixGold Network Requirements

Firewall Access Rules Needed

You will need to configure your Network Firewall Appliance to allow clients to talk to the following addresses to allow MatrixGold to function properly.

• ALLOW TCP Port 443 TO:

• ALLOW TCP Port 443 TO:

Testing Connection to MG Services

1. Open Command Prompt (WIN+R > CMD).

2. Type: ping -n 1

3. Press [ENTER]

4. You should see the Ping command resolve the above domain address to an IP Address (52.x.x.x), and a packet loss of 100% (this is for security, and has nothing to do with your network config).

5. Type: ping -n 1

6. Press [ENTER]

7. You should see:

8. The IP Addresses may change over time, so long as you are seeing those IP Addresses, your DNS is properly configured to talk to our services.

Test Access through your Firewall to our Services

1. Using the browser of your choice try accessing the above domains.

2. Enter in the address bar and press [ENTER] a. You should see an AccessDenied message from Amazon if everything is working:

3. Enter in the address bar and press [ENTER] a. You should see a Forbidden response from our Services if everything is working:

Gemvision MatrixGold on-line academy

Accelerate your MatrixGold education with GVUK bespoke training courses, from primary to advanced. Whether you want to master animations to Pave, we can tailor a course to suit your needs.

Please contact us for details.

Software help & FAQ’s

Easy to view help videos on the most commonly asked questions

How to install MatrixGold on your PC

This short video shows you the easy steps to download MatrixGold & Rhino.

Assigning multiple MatrixGold licenses

This short video runs through the quick process of assigning additional licenses so each of your CAD designers can run their own license.